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The following pages feature accessible versions of key information reported by the interactive analyst charting tool.

Because our Interactive charting tools are built in Java, a programming language that may not be accessible to all visitors to the bp.com site, we have recreated the tools' core reports in a static format that gives greater access to disabled users. Each page provides:

  • an introductory description of each chart
  • an image of the chart itself
  • a table of the underlying data

Simply select the report of interest from the left-hand menu, or close the browser window to return to bp.com.

Keyboard-only users

Keyboard-only users are not able to navigate the interactive charting tool because its elements are mouse driven. To enable access, this report contains static versions of the core graphs from the tool. You can navigate to each of the pages and around all of the elements within each page simply by using the 'tab' and 'return' keys.

Screen readers and voice browsers

Because screen readers and voice browsers cannot read Java applets nor data contained in graphics, these accessible pages are enhanced with three additional elements that improve access for people with vision problems.

Firstly, an introductory paragraph has been written to describe what each chart represents and which data series are displayed.

Secondly, the charts' data have been extrapolated into table format that is screen reader/voice browser compatible so that the underlying information can be accessed and interpreted by all visitors.

Finally, a 'skip navigation' button has also been added to increase speed of access to key information.

Data - general notes

The charting tool is an aid to visualising the data relationships using the data from the Review. It does not replace the publications.

The data retains BP copyright. Data whose source is not BP but that of a contributor to the Review retains the copyright of the original data owner e.g. pricing data provided by Platts.

The authoritative dataset for the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007 is to be found in an Excel workbook on the Download pages of the website.


Conversion factors have been used to allow data comparison across fuel types. A link to the table of conversion factors can be found on the Conversion calculator page.

Conversion calculator

The regions listed in the tool conform to the Regional definitions given in the publication and on the web.

Regional definitions

We would welcome any feedback on the accessible versions of these tools

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